Johnny Baxter Carriage House Foundation

Carriage House Foundation was formed December 7, 1984, as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, capable of receiving tax deductible contributions to provide the funding for charitable and educational activities to enhance the automobile industry in Nebraska.   The “Book of Memory” is maintained at Carriage House listing the names of deceased dealers and friends for whom memorials have been donated.

John Baxter, Baxter Chrysler, Omaha, was a founder and served as the first President of Carriage House Foundation until his resignation in December, 2006.  The current President is Brian Hamilton, Midway CH CA BU CR DO JEEP, Kearney.

In 2008, John Baxter began a series of gifts donating a section of farm ground in Sherman County, Nebraska to the Carriage House Foundation.  In recognition of that gift which provides an income to the Foundation, the Carriage House Foundation Board voted to change the name to the Johnny Baxter Carriage House Foundation.

To increase the number of trained and qualified service technicians in Nebraska, scholarships are awarded annually to students in automotive-related studies at each of the state’s six technical community colleges.   Carriage House Foundation has awarded 272 scholarships from 1985 through 2018 in the total amount of $293,616. In addition, in 2019, the Foundation distributed $182,000 among the state’s six community colleges for facility upgrades, equipment, and additional scholarships.

Planned programs include an ongoing statewide public relations campaign accentuating the positive contributions dealers make to their communities and an ongoing series of educational seminars for dealers to help them maintain high business standards.

701 South 13 Street
Lincoln, NE  68508

March 14, 1979
NNCTDA Board resolution to purchase the land at 13th and H Streets in Lincoln and start plans for construction of the Carriage House.

November 9, 1979
NNCTDA Board resolution to start the Carriage House pledge program for the construction of the Carriage House.

March 17,1980
Date of plaque at Carriage House listing the names of the 104 dealers who contributed to the construction of the Johnny Baxter Carriage House.

*Note:  Numerous items were purchased before the demolition of the old Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln and were incorporated into the construction of Carriage House.  These included the chandelier and French doors with transoms in the reception area and the board table and chairs in the board room.  

Foundation Directors:
Brian Hamilton, Midway CH CA BU CR DO JE, Kearney
Doug Rolfsmeier, Sid Dillion, Crete
Bill Reeg, Arnie’s Ford, Wayne
Thomas McCaslin, Gateway Motors, Broken Brow
Jerry Remus, Jerry Remus CH CA, North Platte
Rob Wahlstrom, Wahlstrom FO, Chadron

Tax-Deductible Contributions to Johnny Baxter Carriage House Foundation
To make tax-deductible contributions for charitable and educational activities, or for memorial contributions to honor deceased family and friends, make your check payable to “Johnny Baxter Carriage House Foundation” and mail  to Nebraska New Car & Truck Dealers Association, P. O. Box 95023, Lincoln, NE 68509.  If the contribution is for a memorial, please indicate the name of the deceased for whom the memorial is being made.